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Originally Posted by Thome25 View Post
I disagree.

Ask yourself this:

How many playoff appearances do the A's have in the last 15 seasons? They've been to the playoffs 6 times.

How many playoff appearances do the O's have in the last 15 years? Before last season none...they haven't been to the playoffs at all during that span.

The O's have been complete and total hot garbage for the last 15 years. Buck Showalter bringing them back to the playoffs for the first time since 1997...that's right far more impressive than anything Bob Melvin did this season.
First off, it's not like the A's have exactly been a quality squad the past several years, either. Before this season, the A's have been the playoffs exactly 1 time since 2003. Once they got rid of the Big 3, they've been stuck in baseball hell for the better part of a decade. Is it as bad as the O's? No, but both teams have been pretty much hot garbage since George W's first term in office.

Personally, i am fine with either winning the MOY award. However, it's pretty easy to make a strong case for melvin by simply looking at the talent he had to work with compared to Buck. Take a look at the rosters, and tell me which manager did more with less? You knew going into the season that the Os had a talented roster, their record didn't reflect that, but they have had the talent. Young players like Jones, Weiters, Machado, and solid vets like Markakis and Hardy were on this roster. Sure, you didn't expect them to make the playoffs, but the A's roster appeared to be junk outside of Cespedes. Not to mention, the A's won more games(granted, only 1 more), and won a division containing the 2x defending AL Champion, AND a very strong Angels team.
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