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Originally Posted by MtGrnwdSoxFan View Post
Melvin led the A's to a spectacular run, winning the AL West that virtually everyone had pegged was the Rangers' to lose. The O's were constantly solid, never really needing to make a big run to stay in striking distance of the wild card.

What the A's did was more impressive, thus I'm not mad that Melvin won it.
I disagree.

Ask yourself this:

How many playoff appearances do the A's have in the last 15 seasons? They've been to the playoffs 6 times.

How many playoff appearances do the O's have in the last 15 years? Before last season none...they haven't been to the playoffs at all during that span.

The O's have been complete and total hot garbage for the last 15 years. Buck Showalter bringing them back to the playoffs for the first time since 1997...that's right far more impressive than anything Bob Melvin did this season.
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