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Originally Posted by HomeFish View Post
Honestly, I think the Marlins are getting the better end of this deal.
The problem is that the general public won't see it that way. Loria will be buried for this (and rightfully so). The Marlins spent a significant amount of money to improve their roster, so that they could contend in 2012. They also hired a new manager. Now, less than one season removed from that spending spree, the Marlins have traded Hanley Ramirez, Mark Buehrle, and Jose Reyes. Heath Bell was a disaster in the bullpen.

Ozzie Guillen did everything he could to get himself fired the first week of the season. The Marlins decided to keep him around for the entire 2012 campaign before they finally got rid of him, but they're still paying him.

The Marlins enter 2013 with a roster that's significantly worse on paper than what they had in 2012, as Stanton is the only threat in their lineup. The Nationals are an excellent ballclub, and will likely contend again in '13, as will Atlanta. The Phillies were ravaged by injuries and inconsistent play, but still had enough to make a run at the WC before finally falling apart for good. They'll have Howard and Utley back for a full season, and should still be competitive, though their roster is aging.

The Marlins are in trouble, and it's Loria's fault. No one will be interested in seeing how the assets they've acquired from Toronto will work out. People are tired of seeing their money flushed down the toilet.
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