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Originally Posted by mahagga73 View Post
Once again, I will have to tell you compared to second baseman around the league he is better than average . Plays great D and is a better RBI man than most around both leagues. Not sure who or what you guys think they are going to get to match that. There is constant complaining about his offense but he did have 70 RBI's or so and that is well above the average in the league for his position. You seem to expect way too much production out of this position or you are still stuck in the 90's where there were quite a few good ones around.
Not sure if this is a real post or should have been Teal, but lets take a look....

of 21 qualifying 2b in the MLB last year, Beckham was 16th out of 21 in Batting Average...On Base Percentage 20 out of 21.....OPS 17 out of 21...Slugging Percentage 16 out of 21....RBI 13 out of 21...Wins Above Replacement Player 19 out of 21...stolen bases 19 out of 21....

So basically, your homerism is telling you Gordon is one of the better offensive 2b in baseball, except EVERY stat out there says he just is not.

Furthermore, he was not a gold glove calibur defender. He is reliable, but his UZR was negative last year, -0.7. His range was not good. He showed less range than Dan Uggla.... Dan freaking Uggla! Gordon turns the DP well, and he is pretty solid with the stuff hit in his vicinity, but basically your average 2b would perform about as well as he did last year defensively.

That is just unbias reflection of how his stats measure up vs. everyone else.