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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
You are really rushing the clock on Viciedo, he doesn't even hit arbitration for 2 more seasons.
Viciedo has 1.123 years service time. He most likely be arb eligible after the 2014 season, but there's a small chance he could hit super-two next season.

Viciedo made 2.5M base salary last year and $1M prorated bonus. So this year he made a total of $3.5M and despite no arbitration rights, Boras will be looking for at least a decent raise on top of that. By the time he hits arbitration, he could be around the $5-6M salary level, and asking for $8-9M if it goes to a hearing.

So yes, it is a bit early, but his salary will escalate soon, which in turn could reduce his trade value, especially if he doesn't grow as an overall hitter.

Yes, all players are different, but I can't help but look at Alexei and assume we're going to see the same lack of growth in plate recognition, situational/contact hitting as Dayan gets older.