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Originally Posted by TDog View Post

Beckham did more to help the White Sox win last year than Dunn did. He had a very strong defensive. Beckham also was more likely to drive in runners in scoring position than Dunn was. No contending team this year had a No. 3 hitter with a batting average of .204 in more than .600 plate appearances. I have never seen a contending team with a .204 No. 3 hitter in more than 600 plate appearances. On most teams, hitting .204 will guarantee that you don't hit third and probably that you won't get more than 600 plate appearances.

When you hit .204 and your role is to drive in runs, when you hit .212 with runners in scoring position as an RBI man, your on-base percentage is irrelevant.

Take away Beckham, and you have to plug a hole in the defense or your pitching suffers. Maybe you can do that, maybe not. Youkilis is probably easier to replace than Beckham because he isn't as strong at third as Beckham is at second. Take away Dunn and you don't lose anything but the money committed to him. You likely won't be able to replace all his home runs, but a No. 3 hitter who would have made consistent line-drive contact, putting the ball in play to all fields likely would have driven in more than 96 runs for the White Sox last year.

DH isn't a position. It is an opportunity to put another bat in the lineup. Sticking Dunn there hasn't helped the Sox in the last two years. DH is in need of improvement. Comparing the current White Sox DH situation to past White Sox DH situations is less meaningful than comparing the current situation with what the White Sox could do at DH.
I agree, although Beckham was hardly a world beater himself.

Originally Posted by russ99 View Post
Also, nobody is advocating "small ball", but it's very obvious we need a different dynamic on offense. Cut out a few of the low average, high strikeout, poor situational hitters and bring in a few good contact hitters.
I agree. As DSpivak pointed Dunn's last 4 months of 2012 wasn't all that much better than what he did in 2011.