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Originally Posted by Domeshot17 View Post

The low average high strike out guys you cutout should not come from the middle of the order. Most winning teams have a 3-4-5 that has power and can drive in runs, and speed is not much of a factor.

If we are going to cut low average players, it needs to start with Youk and Gordon.
I don't deny that we need a solid 3-4-5. And we do, when all three guys are clicking, Dunn, Konerko, Rios are at least above average.

But is it wrong to expect the rest of the lineup to handle a bat, work the count, find the best pitch to hit and do something with it instead of gettung behind in most counts, hacking at bad pitches and trying to pull it out of the park?

If we can find a taker on Beckham, a guy like Jeff Keppinger at 2B wouldn't be much of a step down on defense, and would put a much needed patient contact hitter in the lineup at a less that premium price.

As for Viciedo, you have to ask if you can see him taking over for Paul or Rios in the heart of the order the next few years, and if you're comfortable paying him top dollar as Boras needs only to point at his HR totals to get him the largest possible amount in arb or as a FA