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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Oh, yeah, you're right, you really got me there! Hey, maybe we should dig up Babe Ruth's fat ass and plug him in as DH, he had a couple of good years, RIGHT?

I'm sure if the Sox dump Dunn they're going to have to salt and pepper some of his contract, I would think the idea of removing Dunn is less to try and find some payroll flexibility and more to try and refocus the offense because it's apparently taken people only 1 year to forget about all this "smallball" bull**** crap again, but, eh, whatever. Houston is an interesting partner but I don't know what at all we'd want back from them. Their farm system is widely considered to be about as bad as the Sox's, right?

Maybe, but how much worse can Sanchez really be?
The Astros farm system is in the top 10 after the last 2 drafts and the trades made this offseason.

Yet, they wouldn't touch Dunn with a 10 foot pole. They're looking to bring Berkman in at far less than his last contract to DH and maybe a few bargain basement FA outfielders and pitchers.. Ken Rosenthal has an article that the Astros will have the lowest payroll in the majors next year.

Maybe something could be done to deal Floyd to the Astros for Jed Lowrie to play 3B. They surely wouldn't take on Dunn's salary in return for some the prospects they've been stockpiling the last few years.

Also, nobody is advocating "small ball", but it's very obvious we need a different dynamic on offense. Cut out a few of the low average, high strikeout, poor situational hitters and bring in a few good contact hitters.

Which is why selling high on Viciedo is a more likely option than anyone making us a good offer on the likes of Dunn.