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Originally Posted by dickallen15 View Post
The theory is playing 3b wears him down. Maybe he gets a little stronger in the offseason and he can be OK.

I think a personal trainer would help him out.

I am sure one of the biggest reasons the Sox want him back is because he will only cost money and not prospects. Even ifthey sign him, he is probably a one or two year answer at best at 3B.
When he went down early ( 40 games) in Boston, they called it "nagging injuries". Yet you say he "wore down" in Chicago. I think they may be the same. If he wore down after 40 games to start the season, some of which he Dh'd and some at first, then he is not worth the chance. However, if he had some injuries from spring taining and the first month that he never recovered from, then maybe he is worth the chance if he is now fully recovered.