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I don't think the Sox need to worry about adding any significant pieces to the staff. Yes, it's always good to pick up some more arms, but I don't think they should invest much resources into acquiring any. Clearly, pitching depth is a strength for the Sox, and if that's where the talent in the organization is you've got to just go with those guys like Reed in the closer role, Santiago, Quintana, Jones, etc.

It was the batters who failed the team for the most part. I'd like to see some moves in that realm for sure. Obviously, I'm not a fan of Dunn in the lineup. If he stays he should be put into a platoon and in that case I'd like to see the Sox acquire a right handed hitter who can play first base. Against lefties, bench Dunn, DH Konerko and put your right handed hitter at first and use him as a utility man against righties. This player would only have to have minimal success at the plate to improve upon Dunn's production likely production, and allow Konerko a good rest.

I'm in favor of Viciedo in left and Ramirez and Beckham still holding the double play combo.

As far catcher, I really don't know what they should do but it should be interesting. Whether or not Flowers is given the job, obviously they'll need to acquire another catcher.

Originally Posted by Falstaff View Post
For CATCHER we need a guy with heft of Ed Herrman, the HRs or Carlton Fisk, the heart of Miguel Olivo, and the hustle of Brian Downing.

For 3rd Base we need in one player the hands of Crede, the power of Melton, and the clutch of Ventura (the player).

Do these players exist in MLB or high minors?
Trade Floyd and a package to get them, shed AJ, Youk, dead meat old wood.
Man, I hope Hahn reads this post.

But for hands of Crede, power of Melton and clutch of Ventura, couldn't you have just said 'Ventura'?
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