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Originally Posted by gosox41 View Post
---I'm aware it's a long off season but having read Hahn's early comments about bringing back AJ and Youk, I am beginning to wonder if these are the right moves. The team won 85 games last year with this team. Outside of hopefully adding Danks back into the mix, I don't see how this puts the team over the top.

Of course I'm assuming that bringing the two of them back eats up most of the Sox remaining budget thus leaving little room to improve the bench or bullpen. These guys are past their primes. And I also know the FA Class is thin and thus most of the players will be over paid.

AJ will be 37 next year and is coming of a career year, in which he faded terribly in Sept. Youk had a great first 3 weeks with us, but I'm not impressed by the numbers he put up. He didn't exactly like the world on fire in September. A healthy Brent Morel (a big question mark) could hit better then .240, give you the 15-20 HR's Youk would give you play better D.

And what is the gap in numbers of Tyler Flowers versus an aging AJ? I always have doubts about players having their best years in their free agent years. It's hard to judge Tyler by last year as he didn't play more then 2-3 games in a week. But I am confident in saying AJ won't produce in 2013 like he did in 2012.

Why not give the job to Flowers or go after Mike Napoli? As for 3B, Mark Reynolds is available. While we don't need another slow, high strike out, power hitter is his offense that much worse then Youk's?

---Does anyone else think the Sox will trade Floyd? I'm betting he's not on the opening day roster. Trading him could solve one the problems listed above, but on the flipside we can go from 6 to 4 starters pretty quickly.

---I am fine with trading Dunn or Rios if it 1. fills a hole or two right away for 2013, and 2. we can then use the money to strengthen the bullpen or bench. Can Rios have two solid seasons in a row?

---2013 is the last chance for Gordo. If he doesn't hit (and he did turn it on this September) I think it's time to say adios or at make him your super utility player.

---Lastly, I think the Sox need to find a closer or back up closer. I'm hoping Addison Reed grows into the role but he makes things way to close right now. Feel free to have some 1-2-3 innings once in awhile.
I would hate the see the Sox with a middle of the order of Dunn, Reynolds and Flowers. You'd get a lot of Ks and meaningless solo shots. What this team needs are more players that will get on base at better clip, too many free swingers right now.

Originally Posted by TaylorStSox View Post
It's a mistake to assume the Tigers won't be adding to their roster as well.

I'm hoping that Peavy's contract was a sign that AJ is gone. They aren't exactly friendly.
The Tigers will already be adding Victor Martinez back to the middle of the lineup. Fielder, Cabrera, and Martinez (L,R,L...3,4,5). Yeeesh! I've already heard rumblings that they want to resign Anibal Sanchez as well. We already know their owner wants to win a championship before he dies. So expect some more big splashes in the FA market from Detroit this winter.

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