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Originally Posted by Golden Sox View Post
The White Sox only finished a few games behind the Tigers in 2012. If we upgrade the team a bit this offseason I don't see why we can't get into the playoffs in 2013. I hope that Dunn is not with the team. If we can get a third baseman for him I would move him in a heartbeat. I'm much more upbeat about the 2013 season than what I was last year at this time. I didn't expect the White Sox to contend in 2012 like they did. If we add a few pieces we can have a successful 2013.
Right, the most important thing is pitching and they should be as good or better next year. Flowers will be an average offensive catcher but very good defensive catcher. Youk is replaceable at this point. If the Sox just add a piece or two here and there they are going to be a contender again I am sure. Nothings sure because of injuries, but I see no reason to not be optimistic next year. Even Robin will learn from his mistakes, which weren't all that many.
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