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Originally Posted by FoulTerritory View Post
Yeah, Kip Wells definitely. And here's the thing. When Kip came up for the first time in the 2nd half of, I want to say, 1999 . . . he was ****ing awesome. He was fanning people left and right and simply dominating.

Then, next season came around people thought he'd be our ace and he struggled right out of the gate and never again looked like he did in his first couple months of the majors. It ended up being Garland in the rotation for the 2nd half of 2000, not Kip.

It was just weird. Maybe he injured something and we just never heard about it.
Didn't Kip get hit by a line drive or something in spring training 2000 and after that he seemed really timid on the mound?

And my player would probably be Joe Borchard. All the hype from when he was drafted through his minor league service up until he homered in his first game, and it just never happened. Although he's the reason the Sox got Matt Thornton so there's that one positive.
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