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Originally Posted by Huisj View Post
For some reason, I was really hoping Danny Richar would become a dangerous gap-hitting moderate-power high-average second baseman. It was probably just a case of trying to find something positive during the second half of 2007, or it might have been because he hit a homer just a few rows from where I was sitting at the Jim Thome bobblehead walkoff game in September that month.

I also had an unhealthy hope for Kip Wells. That was probably partly due to the perfect storm of the Sox' farm system being overhyped, the availability of internet baseball news and scouting info exploding around that time, and me being in high school and gobbling it all up all the time.
Yeah, Kip Wells definitely. And here's the thing. When Kip came up for the first time in the 2nd half of, I want to say, 1999 . . . he was ****ing awesome. He was fanning people left and right and simply dominating.

Then, next season came around people thought he'd be our ace and he struggled right out of the gate and never again looked like he did in his first couple months of the majors. It ended up being Garland in the rotation for the 2nd half of 2000, not Kip.

It was just weird. Maybe he injured something and we just never heard about it.
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