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Mike Sirotka. Still have a jersey of his that I wear to the park on occasion.

Originally Posted by Bucky F. Dent View Post
The passing of Pascual Perez got me thinking about his brother, Melido. I had an inexplicable love for the right handed Dominican, and an completely unsubstantiated belief that, given enough time, he could become a dominant starter for the Sox. I looked at Melido Perez and I saw the next Juan Marichal. That obviously never took place, and to this day I have no explanation for what I saw in this guy and his game that led me to these absurd conclusions.
You shouldn't be quite so hard on yourself about Perez, even though he was never more than a middle of the road kind of pitcher with the Sox, he did seem to turn a corner in 1992, his first season with the Yankees. He was only 26 years old, posted a 2.87 ERA in 247 IP, struck out 218 (2nd in the AL behind only Randy Johnson). Unfortunately, I think he developed elbow problems either that year or in 1993 and that effectively ended his career. Sadly for him, reconstructive elbow surgery was still in its relative infancy compared to today. Had he come along maybe 10 years later his career may have been prolonged.

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