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Originally Posted by samurai_sox View Post
I remember a game here at the Cell where Thome's backswing nicked him on the head and he was bleeding out of his head, stopped the game for a while.
I was at that game. Because Mauer was the DH, the Twins' pitcher had to bat in the game (the incident took place in the First Inning, so we're talking 8 innings without a DH).

Since it was 2007, the Twins had no trouble beating the Sox that day despite not having a DH.

This is why I never advocated having AJ be the DH except in September when there was a real Catcher (Sept. call-up) on the bench in case of an injury to Flowers. During the other parts of the season, the "emergency" backup Catcher was usually someone who last played the position in the 1990's.

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