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Originally Posted by DonnieDarko View Post
Looking at the 3B free agent market for 2013, this appears to be what we have to look at (not counting Youkilis, obviously):

- David Wright [NYM] (he has an option that the Mets would have to be insane not to pick up)
- Eric Chavez [NYY]
- Scott Rolen [CIN]
- Drew Sutton [PIT]
- Miguel Cairo [CIN]
- Mark DeRosa [NAT]
- Brandon Inge [OAK]
- Placido Polanco [PHI] That's a whole lot of old guys and ton of suckage. More that I think about it, the more that I think that Morel might be the way to go. At least in his case he's young...ish. Never thought I'd say that. o_O

Maybe try for Sutton? Chavez?
The free agent list is very thin at 3B this year and we don't have a lot of prospects to work with at that position either. I really feel that Morel is out of the equation. The fact that he wasn't a late season call up speaks to how the organization feels about him right now.

Hahn's best bet will likely be to find a 3B on the trade market. Find a team who might be looking to move a veteran that is blocking a youngster in their farm system. It would be great if the Sox can somehow manage to find a younger 3B on the trade market but that would likely cost more than the Sox are willing to give up. Brett Lawrie of the Blue Jays would be the type of guy I'm thinking of but I doubt the Jays want to move him.
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