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Originally Posted by TheOldRoman View Post
That's a silly point of view. That only applies if they are bringing back bad players who caused them to miss the playoffs, and passing over better options to keep them. Who available is better than AJ? I mean, if you really believe in Flowers and think they need to hand the reins to him, that is a valid view, but AJ is by far the best catcher available on the market. Myers did a pretty good job in his time with the Sox, but they could probably find someone cheaper who did the same. Who is readily available and an upgrade over Youkilis next year? Or do you think they should go with Morel just because they didn't win the division?
Yes. First off, the Sox should hopefully get more production from Danks this year. Second, they need to only make up 3 games on Detroit, it's not like we're bringing back a team that's lost 95+ games the last few years. The Sox's biggest problem this year was their complete lack of depth that ultimately exposed the team's age at the end of the season. Add a nice bench bat or two that can spell some of these guys every now and then should be enough to really compete with all the Tigers' firepower.

Originally Posted by hdog1017 View Post
I'd like to have AJ and Youk back, but I don't see how its going to work financially. Somebody is going to throw some stupid money at AJ, making it dumb to bring him back at huge money for at least 2 years, most likely 3.
The Sox have exclusive negotiating rights with AJ and the rest of their own FA until Friday, so I believe that's their only chance to retain him. If they allow him into the open FA market, he's going to have someone throw an idiotic amount of money at him. But if the Sox can hammer out a deal everyone thinks is fair in the next 48 hours, maybe he'll be back.

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