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Originally Posted by DeadMoney View Post
Yep. Just like the Giants paid Tim Lincecum $18M to come out of the bullpen when it counted most.

Starting pitching, actually pitching depth in general, is the most important thing in this game and teams are going to pay for it. What would you consider Kyle Lohse in St. Louis (with Carpenter and Wainwright)? Because he was being paid $11.875M the past two seasons and will - without a doubt - get more in FA this off season to be a 2 or 3 somewhere else.
Seriously. People ****ing whine about the Sox and their "small market thinking" and then they whine when the Sox act like big market teams and have an overpaid vet here or there. Christ, I know we'd all like the Sox to have 25 All-Star caliber players making the league minimum and 10 Blue Chip prospects stashed in the minors, but that's not reality.

Good move by the Sox. $14 M a year for a pitcher of his caliber is a great deal and the 2-year deal is just excellent considering his injury history (that is hopefully a thing of the past) and considering what he probably could have snagged on the open market.

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