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Default Gonzo On CTL

Chicago Tribune Live! finally decided to have him appear. Had thoughts on everything that happened:

1. Very, VERY surprised Peavy stayed. Said his agent was going to explore the market because it was Jake's first time. Said Peavy is a good guy and this is a win-win deal for both considering what guys like Lohse and Greinke are going to get.

2. Doesn't see the Sox being involved in free agency. Said they'll fill holes for next season via trade route. Mentioned Floyd might still go.

3. Youk he said, could be back but probably not, family lives on West Coast and that's where he's looking to.

4. Said chances are "slim and none" the Sox bring AJ back. Said it will be Flowers and a left handed hitting catcher acquired in some other fashion. Said only shot AJ comes back is if he agrees to a one-year deal.

5. Moves today show Sox are in it to win again next season, not rebuild.

6. Hahn will be allowed to 'be his own man' as a GM and not have to answer to Kenny for every little thing.

7. Didn't say a thing about Liriano or Myers.

Kaplan talked about how he thinks the Royals will "contend" next season by acquiring two pitchers. Gonzo and the rest of the panel looked at him like he was insane. Defended comment by saying "David Glass the owner said he's going to open the checkbook." Gonzo replied, "to try to get the pitchers they need they'll have to trade either Hosmer or Moustakis or Butler."

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