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Originally Posted by Irishsox1 View Post
If you want the worlds series to be "relevant" like it was in the 60's and 70's, make only 5 channels available on TV, get rid of video games, the internet, cell phones, DVR, DVD's and computers.

Also, the world series wasn't as popular as many think it was back then. Most world series games were day games.
I would have to disagree with that. The World Series used to be a much bigger deal than it is now. In fact, I'm so old that I remember when it was the biggest deal of all. The games were all played in the day then. Imagine. The first WS game to be played at night was game 4 of the 1971 contest between the Orioles and Pirates. The Pirates spotted the Orioles a 3-0 lead and then stormed back behind the strong performances of relievers Bruce Kison and Dave Giusti, winning 4-3. Gradually more and more games were played at night. The last ever day game was played indoors in Minnesota in 1987. The last outdoor day game was in Detroit in 1984. I think baseball is hurting itself by having no World Series day games. I also think that the season and playoffs are too long, but I doubt that will ever change. Commissioner Selig has tried so hard to NFLize his sport, but it's a losing battle. Football surpassed baseball in popularity in the 60's and has lapped it many times since then.

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