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Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post
I assume you're talking about Buehrle. This has been beaten to death here over the past year, but to recap again: Buehrle gave the Sox two hometown discounts on his previous contracts in 2003 and 2007, so he didn't really owe the Sox anything. That said, I think he really did like it here. There's no question he's a midwestern guy who's probably out of place in Miami. He gave Reinsdorf a call after Miami offered the contract, and JR told him to take it. I mean, that contract was obscene; how can you hold any ill will towards him? I'm glad he got a pay day.

The bottom line is, the Sox couldn't afford Buehrle in 2012, mostly because of (ironically) Peavy's contract, along with Rios and Dunn.

I hold nothing against Buehrle, he must have finally thought that the money was more important than playing for the city and team he said he loved so much, so many times, during all the years he played here. I hope he enjoys his next 3 years down there.
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