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Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post
Everyone knows the gold glove winner is the best offensive player at his position. This dates back to the Eric Chavez early 2000s era, with a dose of Derek Jeter.
The Gold Glove is taken from a poll of managers and coaches around the middle of September, I've been told by people in the media. In the days when every team played ever other team more than 10 times, the award did a better job of recognizing players that had the best defensive seasons. Ozzie Smith won his first Gold Glove hitting .230 with no home runs. Winning the Gold Glove at shortstop in the 1960s was a big deal because voters cared whether Aparicio, Fregosi, Versalles or Belanger were having the best defensive season while Fregosi was generally having the best offensive season (and only won one Gold Glove).

Now reputation and overall impressions play a greater role than ever. Even average defensive players make great defensive play now and then. Better offensvie players who make great defensive plays tend to get more attention on thee daily highlights.

There are politics involved in all the postseason awards. I would like to see the Gold Glove voting go to a group that seems to care more about recognizing defensive excellence. But at least this year the award isn't going to the best offensive shortstop.
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