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Originally Posted by WhiteSox5187 View Post
While it is true that JR has made a lot money just because you have had success with a certain strategy in one field will mean that that same strategy in a different field. It is pretty clear that marketing the White Sox as "Chicago's American League Team" has failed and they have needlessly ceded a lot of ground to the Cubs which has hurt the White Sox as a brand.
I don't think the current ownership had any choice. Veeck marketed the White Sox in his second tenure as the South Side team. The current ownership marketed the White Sox as a Chicago team and in some bad years has done a better job at drawing fans than Veeck did in his best years.

Trying to crush the Cubs as competitors, whatever that means, wouldn't have made the White Sox more popular and probably would have been a marketing disaster. It certainly wouldn't have changed the dynamic of Cubs fans supporting their team at the gate while Sox fans make excuses not to go to the games, even in years when they are contiending.
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