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Just spoke to my ST rep and this is what he told me:

The Sox are taking the premium lower box seats and stratifying them into three layers:
Rows 26 and above (Gold)
Rows 11-25 (me- row 19) (Platinum)
Rows 1-10. (not sure of name?)
All premium lower box seats were $3,682 per seat last year (or $45.46 per ticket)
For premium lower box seats in rows 26 and above (Gold) the 2013 seats will remain the same price.
For premium lower box seats in rows 11-25 (Platinum) the 2013 price will go up $449 per seat to $4,131 or $51 per ticket
The people in the first 10 rows go up $854 per seat to $4,536 per seat (or $56 per ticket).

He also made a comment that sections 119 & 120 would be gold so I assume that the parallel seats on the third base will also apply.
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