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I'm late to this thread, but here's my reaction:

KW, thanks for 2005. It was a once in a lifetime thrill. I have enjoyed your aggressive style and ability to find hidden gems. However, a change is long overdue. The Sox organization under KW is built to win about 83 games and finish 2nd or 3rd year after year and make a surprise playoff appearance about once every 5 years or so. That's certainly better than being cellar dwellers, but it's not good enough. The farm system is still very low on talent. The emergence of Sale and Reed this year were encouraging, but this has still been a franchise that is overly reliant on using "scrap heap" pick ups and overpaying (salary) for a few veterans like Dunn and Peavy.

Williams used to be pretty decent at making trades that benefit the Sox. But, what was the last trade he made that had a long-term benefit to the competitiveness to this franchise? Unless I'm missing something, I have to go back 5 years to when he acquired Danks, Floyd, and Quentin. Maybe the Santos to Toronto trade will end up being another one....we'll see in a year or two. His trades for Youk and Myers this year were great and at least gave this team a shot this year, but that was stop gap. Neither of those guys are part of the long term picture of this team.

With attendance dropping dramatically over the last 5 years as the Sox string together 4 disappointing seasons in a row and not much internal talent on the horizon, something has to change. The Sox have a great opportunity now to build a stronger following in Chicago while the Cubs await the amazing Theo's multi-year rebuilding plan. If the North Siders ever do get their **** together while the Sox continue with the same mediocre plan, this franchise will really fall off the radar screen in Chicago.

That being said, I don't think that hiring Hahn and moving KW to team President will change much. Same people in charge with the same philosophy of how to build an organization from within. But, that's just my guess. Let's see what Hahn can do to finally make the Sox a perennial playoff team.
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