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Originally Posted by russ99 View Post
Amen bro! 9-11 was over ten years ago. Time to get back to our usual traditions, not Bud's forced ones.

Congrats to the Giants, they remind me of our championship Sox, same kind of scrappy team.

Sorry Mr. Illitch, all that Little Caesars cash can't buy a title.
I prefer the Milwaukee tradition of Roll Out the Barrell and can't disagree, but God Bless America is probably here to stay. The Star Spangled Banner before the game tradition began as a show of patriotism in World War I (long before the U.S. had an official national anthem), and it's still going on almost a century later.

The Giants were written off for dead twice this postseaon. I quite enjoyed the Giants persevering to make the Tigers look so bad.
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