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I think he may have had the greatest single season with the Sox but back in 1972 I wouldn't think anyone really knew how great of a season it was. Nobody knew what ops or war was back then. Then again after reading about him here and watching him get ranked as the 6th best Whitesox of alltime, it does make me feel he was appreciated alot more than what I give him credit for. I think part of the reason he gets so much credit is because before him the Sox never had a power hitter as strong as him who put up numbers like him. Bill Melton and Dick Allen were the first homerun champions in Whitesox history and that probably helps his legacy alot.

Albert Belle may be held in the same regard someday. I just don't see how a 2 or 3 year stint can put you as one of the best in a franchise with over 100 years of existence. I doubt the Phillies even have Allen ranked as a top 6 player in franchise history.
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