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Originally Posted by LITTLE NELL View Post
Allen gets an incomplete from me. The guy had one of the greatest White Sox seasons ever in 1972 but for injuries and a mixed up brain quit at the end of 1974. He seemed in interviews to have his head on straight but something happened in 1974 that soured his stay with the Sox. Some say he had a fued with Santo and some say he wasn't happy that his brother Hank got grief and was only on the roster because of him. He could have run for Mayor of Chicago and won, that's how popular he was at the time. If he had finished his career on the Southside, he would be right up there at the top of the list of White Sox greats.
That seemed to be Richie's (Dick's) thorn in the flesh... Almost self sabotaging in some respects. He was the Wizz Kid In Philly, only to have have issues just when he was hitting stride, same with the Sox. Tough call with the personal issues. I chalk it up to being so talented that a perception by teammates that he was going thru the motions and an aloofness rubbed some the wrong way.

In both cases he carried both those franchises with little or no support. I agree if he had had a solid 5-7 year or more career with the Sox, he would be in the top 5 of all time. He pulled my heart and head out of the dumps with that 72 season and made me feel proud again to be a Sox fan..

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