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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
The Tigers had their chances. How do they not score after loading the bases with one out and the top of the order up? Twice before they had two on and one out and grounded into double plays. The Giants played great defense (except for a meaningless two-outs-bases-empty error), but the Tigers lost this game as much as they were beaten especially with Sanchez having one inexplicable inning in an otherwise usual great start against the Giants.

I thought during the LCSs that either the Cardinals or Giants would be able to handle the Tigers or Yankees with relative ease. It's odd, though, that the NL series were so competitive, with the Giants needed to win six elimination games to get to the World Series and could be looking to sweep the Tigers. Bad managing and coaching may have cost the Tigers Game 2, and tonight was a winnable game for the Tigers.

Now, Cain has a chance to win the championship game in the same season that he won the game that gave his team the NL title (after winning the deciding game in th NLCS), won the All-Star Game and pitched a perfect game.
Yes you can call me crazy but I think the White Sox would have put up a better showing in this low scoring series than the Tigers. The Tigers have been accustomed to winning big/dominating and not so much success in low scoring one run games against legit competition. But the White Sox have been a low scoring and somewhat successful ball club all summer. 1-0, 2-0 games are familiar territory and even late inning comebacks. The world series milieu would be just like playing KC for our team, no big deal. I sure hope Robin is paying attention to how to beat Detroit as we will be facing them several times in 2013. Maybe he can have a beer with Bochy during spring training and pick his brain.
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