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Originally Posted by Konerko05 View Post

Any time Williams mentions the word "fans," the same people keep whining that he's blaming them.

How many of these times have you interpreted his comments as so without him actually blaming the fans?

The Sox attendance this year was awful for a team in first place for the majority of the season. It doesn't matter who is to blame, and what the reasons were behind it. He is stating a fact. Less fans in stadium does take away an energy that is simply impossible for 15,000 die hards to create. He then states this an issue that needed to be addressed, and now it is being addressed.

What is the problem here? Should he act like everything is perfectly fine so he doesn't hurt some fans' feelings?
It's the context.

That quote came after him stating his disappointment that the Sox couldn't turn all the days of them being in first place into more division titles. Meaning not only this season...

I like what I hear from Hahn, except on one point. Tyler Flowers should not be considered as an everyday catcher. He strikes out at an even larger rate than Viciedo and Dunn - we don't need another low average, all or nothing bat in the lineup, we have one too many of those now.

If A.J. cant be brought back, I hope the Sox can at least add a less expensive platoon catcher who can handle a bat.
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