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Hahn giving an interview on McNeil and Speigs right now.

Hahn: Has not really sunk in yet...lifelong goal coming to fruition.

How will it change his days at the Sox?

Less detail,more setting the tone for the organization.

Will Hahn have the final say?

To an extent,yes. He already has been making decisions,with consultation from Kenny and Jerry.

Draft? Change of philosophy? Not really, best player on the board still.
HS or college?,but best prospect rules.

More emphasis on analytics? A blend. Adding some sabermetrics guys,but still a blend.
Hahn admits he is more of a numbers guy than Kenny,tho.

Is Kenny going to leave him alone? of his word...have worked together for long time...and knows that Kenny appreciates the role of the GM,and the need for autonomy.
They have disagreed in the past,and Kenny made the call,but now he will make the call....

Has Hahn passed on job opportunities waiting for the Sox?

Yes...possible opportunities, but nothing concrete...
Chicago is hometown,and it needed to be special to leave.
Wanted the Sox job.
Relationship with Robin Ventura?
Good,strong dialogue, communication is solid. Treats Robin as a peer when meeting.
Payroll? Budget meetings are ongoing this week. It will not drop due to ticket pricing will be at least at the same level,but could go higher.

Ticket revenue vs total revenue? Ticket revenue is significant,along with ancillary related revenue....TV is solid....we have more than enough to win right now,tho.

End of interview.
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