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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
True, but Verlander on extra rest was supposed to negate the Giants' homefiueld advantage, just as he negated the A's homefield advantage by pitching ALDS Game 5 in Oakland.

The Tigers can blame the layoff and the homefield disadvantage, the latter being what they would have done if they had lost the ALDS in five to Oakland after grabbing a 2-0 lead at home.

Tonight's game probably could have gone either way. The Tigers probably should have scored, probably would have if they hadn't sent Fielder home on the Young double. The game being scoreless going into the seventh, I have know idea why Leyland conceded the first run of the game so late in the game to get the double play.

Even going into the half inning, I didn't understand why Leyland replaced Young defensely without taking out Fister. Fister was obviously on a short leash, and in fact he was taken out after allowing Pence to reach. Leyland could have double-switched with Young. Instead, he used one more backup outfielder than he needed to in a late close important game on the road

Leyland didn't send Fielder to be thrown out at the plate for the first out of the inning, but from that point, he was outmanaged. It was good to see.

The series is a long way from over, but even if the Tigers sweep in Detroit, they can't win without winning in San Francisco. And the Giants are 4-2 on the road this postseason, beating teams I believe were better than the Tigers.
I don't know why he did that either. If the Tigers had been ahead by one, then trading a run for two outs is a reasonable play. But not in a tie game. At least not in my opinion.

My thought after that inning was, "Well, the Giants only got one, but one might be enough." That's just how the game developed.
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