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Originally Posted by SoxThunder View Post
I've tried using this Wifi at the Cell, but it never works. The Sox should copy what the D-backs did at Chase Field...looks very cool:

If fans have reliable Wifi service at the ballpark, there could be so many cool social media fan interactions. Think about the possibilities: During pregame autographs, a fan gets his/her picture taken with Gordon Beckham, tags @whitesox and @gordonbeckham, and uploads it to Twitter/Facebook. Everyone sees the picture in their newsfeeds and this makes them wish they were at the ballpark to "get in on the action". (Let's face it...Facebook has become a way to show off to all your friends all the cool places you've been.) By doing this, the players would get more "followers" and get a larger audience to tweet to. During the game (between innings), the Sox could show some of the tagged "fan pictures of the game" and show them on the scoreboard. This would get people to do creative stuff just to get their pictures on the scoreboard: dress their whole family up in Sox gear, make creative signs, take tailgating pictures, get their pic with Southpaw, etc. This creates that "buzz" feeling and also makes the fan feel like a contributing part of the White Sox family and the game experience.
I agree 100% with this; the Dbacks setup looks great. Social media is the way to go - the more people tweet/FB post/ or whatever their media preference is, the better. Once a wifi network is in place that could handle a full stadium, I'd love to see between-inning tweet or text message contests, with White Sox giveaways. I was able to win Sox Tweet Seats once in 2010, which I thought was really cool.

I've given up on trying to use the Boing wifi, it was pretty much useless this season.
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