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Originally Posted by SoxThunder View Post
1. Hire friendly, personable guest services staff. I know these are low-paying jobs, but why do these people have to just stand there like statues and never smile? The lowest moment that I witnessed was last year when an older gentleman tripped and fell down several stairs at the Gate 5 exit. All the guest services people just stood there and watched, silently holding their "thank you, fans" signs. For goodnes sakes, help the man up and help gather his belongings! Does this really require training?
This is a big thing in my mind. Go to other parks around the country and normally you'll find older (possible retired, or semi-retired) people ushering people in the seats. This year alone, I was to St. Louis, Seattle, and Los Angeles (NL) and the ushers were so friendly and so accommodating even though we were there cheering for the visiting team. Interestingly enough, when it comes to friendly/accommodating ushers, the same thing can be said for most of the ~25 parks I've been to.

Let's face it, a lot of people nationally think the worst of our ballpark - and the 'Southside of Chicago'. When people who support other teams come in to our park, having a friendly staff (from ticket takers to ushers to concession people) would probably go a long way towards changing that perception. Unfortunately, I know the concession people are the same people we get at every other venue in this city so that probably won't change, but the rest of the service staff at the park could use a major upgrade.

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