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Interesting about how high time commitment ranked. I live in Elmhurst and that was a major factor for me giving up my season ticket. It just sucks when you are coming home from a night game and are stuck in a traffic jam on the Eisenhower at 11 P.M. While there is nothing the Sox can do about that, how about more PACE buses to the ballpark or making getting out of the parking lots more efficient. Also it is aggravating after spending more than an hour to get to the game, having some parking lot attendant give ambiguous directions and then getting verbally abused by some other moron parking lot attendant at the other end.

As far as concessions and customer service go, it sure would be nice if the concessions people were a bit faster. It seems like getting anything requires the sacrifice of at least a half inning. I doubt if McDonald's would put up with how slow and inefficient the concessions staff is at the park.

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