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5. With regard to the TV broadcasts, Brooks said too much is made of Hawk and Steve sitting so far apart from each other in the booth. Nobody should read anything into that because the space between the two is the result of electronic equipment, stacks of paper, etc. Brooks said both Hawk and Steve have had to make adjustments in order to make the broadcast better. There are three things the Sox want both the TV and radio broadcasts to do: 1) Teach the game, 2) Paint a picture and 3) Sell the experience. They want these guys to give the fans a feel for what is going on in the ballpark, both in the stands and on the field. They want people who are watching on TV or listening on the radio to realize the game is more fun when you're there in person. The Sox want the broadcasts to make you as a fan want to come to the ballpark more often.
Then they need to hire new Play by Play guys. Neither Farmer or Hawk do any of the 3 things mentioned. Farmer maybe a bit moreso than Hawk, but that's only in regards to teaching the game. Hawk, for all his passion for the Sox, just does not come across as a teacher and definitely does not paint a picture. He's the complete opposite. I'm not trying to upset anyone here, but if the organization seriously wants the broadcasting teams do these things then changes need to be made.
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