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Originally Posted by Milw View Post
80% is a stretch, but I'll concede that it's not completely clear. Nevertheless, I'm going based off the clearly-visible boring nameplate font, the color palette (which is admittedly somewhat obscured but not hard to guess at, given the way the design alludes to past Astros uniforms), and the ugly-ass hat logo.
As an Astros fan since 1978, I love the 20% that's revealed. The Astros had the H-star hat logo for most of their existence, so I'm very happy to see it come back, in a slightly more modern form. I also think it's cool that they're using the orange as an accent color than splashing it all over everything.

If you were expecting bland pinstripes that they're moving away from or something crazy/futuristic which they went too far with in the late 70s, this is a happy medium.

Can't wait to see the rest next Friday.
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