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I think it's kind of not correct to say that winning is not the most important thing. When you fill out surveys, it's pretty apparent that you're not doing it for people who are putting the team together on the field, so you tend to talk about the off field issues. That said it was interesting to hear that they realized what an absolute disaster 2011 was in terms of fans throwing in the towel. I am glad that he agrees that it's time to put the players front and center to reconnect with the fans. The more fans get to know about them, down to a personal level about their lives the more they'll care and follow them. Again, as I said before, use the Blackhawks model.

I still don't know what the obsession is with dynamic pricing. I noticed recently that it has spread to even theatre tickets. It's as though to have any credibility in the entertainment biz you have to talk dynamic pricing. Fool's gold pushed by a bunch of consultants.
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