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Originally Posted by Wedema View Post
I am sure that the Sox would accomodate us also, but that is not the point here. We are actually in the process of polling (tis the season) our group whether or not we want to stay and pay the increase, move to another location, or give up the tickets and use the money for golfing.
While I do agree with you that the Sox if the $12 a game increase is true, wouldn't raise the price so much if they weren't lowering the prices around the ballpark as drastically, if you don't re new they will find someone to buy your seats at their price in 5 minutes. You can't say that about the other sections where they were having problems selling tickets. It may not seem fair, but many things in life do not.

Now it is explained better by Brooks today. The OF and upper deck seats were priced top 4 in MLB. The infield seats in the first 10 rows were priced bottom 3. You have been getting a bargain for years.

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