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Originally Posted by mzh View Post
I thought this myself. The 2007 Rockies won 21 out of 22 games sneaking into the playoffs and sweeping their way out of the first two rounds. Boston and Cleveland went 7 in the ALCS, and the Rockies had a 9 day layover before the World Series began. We know what happened then.
The Tigers are aware their 2006 team had a long wait for the Cardinals-Mets seven-game series to end. Many assumed that the Cardinals, who won only 83 games during the regular season, wouldn't do well against the Tigers, not just because they were drained from the NLCS, but because of the belief at the time of the superiority of the American League. The National League hadn't won a World Series game since 2003.

Verlander lost the first game. With his team down 3-1, Verlander lost Game 5. The dynamics of this World Series, though, would be different, if only because Leyland knows what went wrong in 2006. The Tigers are pretty much completely different. Verlander, I believe, is the only pitcher still with the team, and he has matured greatly. Infante may be the only position player, having just returned, and he didn't play a big role in the 2006 World Series. And I don't believe anyone seriously believes the Tigers have an edge simply because the American League is stronger