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Just a quick post on the confusion over Stub Hub. I used to be the same way. However in the last few years it's become super simple to use Stub Hub. All ESPN team sites include links for tickets for upcoming games listed on Stub Hub.

As an example:

If you notice in the schedule section on that page the far right column lists "tickets available" for upcoming games. That's a link to the Stub Hub site where fans are reselling. That is true for Sox games too. I got tickets for some Sox/Oakland games through it in the past.

It's just that easy these days and the interface is very easy to use where you can select your price range and then look at the sections of the ball park that are in it and click on that section to see what seats are there. I'm eyeballing a few Bears/9ers seats in this manner, but am holding because prices seem to be dropping. I think the MNF game the week of Thanksgiving is causing the market to flood at the moment. Prices are definitely lower than they were a few weeks ago...

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