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Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post
Spivack is correct. My point was to ask when the last time a Chicago team won a conference/league/world title in blowout fashion like the Tigers did, who basically had a seven inning party on their home field knowing they were going to the World Series which is amazing way to win anything that most of us have never experienced.
Originally Posted by Johnny Mostil View Post
Fine, we'll go back to the Bears.

But of course! The only thing that matters is that you think it "sucks" Tigers fans had a seven-inning party.

I know this site advertises itself for its pettiness, but I thought that was at least a little tongue-in-cheek. Life's too short to be so bitter about such trivial ****.

Peace out.
Its much more important to jump down my throat over a comment that somehow, although factually correct, you deem unworthy of discussion. Don't really care what your angle is, but there's quite a bit more "trivial ****" on the interwebz to whine about than one cherry picked comment about one of the worst AL pennant winners in the last 40 years.