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Originally Posted by LoveYourSuit View Post
Exactly the way I see it.

God forbid the Sox try to run their business like a business.

Name one business, outside of White Sox baseball, where they publicly and proudly announce across the board improved pricing, then contact their most loyal, long term customers and tell them that not only are they not getting the benefit of the price cut, they are going to subsidize everyone else's price cut by increasing their prices. This isn't running their business like a business.

The Sox have difficulty maintaining sales of walk up and single game sales with any consistancy. Historically they only do well in these areas when they are solidly in first place. That probably won't change much. What will change is thousands of people who normally pay their invoice without much thought are definitely going to think hard and long about renewing. And while they may be able to sell the seats that are not renewed, what are the odds that the people buying them will stick around 5, 10, 20, 25 years like the people they are taking for granted?

It may make sense to raise those prices, or add more seating price tiers in the premium level at some point. It is the absolutely mind boggling stupidity from a marketing standpoint of doing them both at the same time that makes me wonder if the Sox even want to sell season tickets.
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