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Originally Posted by doogiec View Post
So it appears that they are lowering ticket prices to bring in new fans, but picking this as the time to stick it to their fans who actually have been buying lots of tickets the past few years? They got half of it right. (I'm not looking for a decrease, just hold the least pretend to not take my loyalty for granted).
I kind of feel the same way. I've been part of a full season ticket group -- premium seats -- since 1987 (that's before the new park even opened). I attend between 15-25 games a year. I'm very happy to see the Sox take positive steps to fill the park, but I'll be disappointed if they raise the price of my tickets again. Probably not disappointed enough to keep me from re-upping, but disappointed nonetheless. I'm fine if they hold the line on my ticket prices, but to raise the prices (again) makes it seem like I'm sponsoring the other generous ticket price cuts.
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