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Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post
The World Series could be the Tigers (7th best team in the AL) versus the Cardinals (5th best team in the NL). All the Sox had to do was make the post-season. As I said earlier in this thread, it was the easiest path to the World Series in many years. It's a lost opportunity.

The other thing that sucks is that the Tigers had a 7-inning party in the clincher. When's the last time any Chicago team had a chance to clinch at home in that manner? Maybe the '85 Bears against the Rams in the NFC Championship?

I hope this pisses off the White Sox as much as it pisses me off, but I doubt it.
You would think it would. Having tasted one World Series, you'd think they'd want another. But you had Konerko saying not getting into the playoffs didn't mean the team had a failing season. 2012 was far from horrible, but that let down was awful. Let's see if they aren angry enough to do something this off season.