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Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post
For the casual fan, the Sox need to market their ballpark. The neighborhood around Sox park will never, ever be Wrigleyville. It's not logistically possible, and people need to get a grip with that. There are a handful of cool places within tolerable walking distances. The new Bacardi is awesome. But, spending time & energy marketing the "neighborhood" and bars that are a half mile away is a waste of resources. The Sox need to market their park and the in-game experience, the ease of parking, the food, the restrooms (yes!), the friendliness for families, the Fundamentals deck, and the team.
Apples and oranges... I know that.

I'm just saying that they need casual fans (and out-of-towners) - people who still may think USCF, Bridgeport and the surrounding area is in the middle of the ghetto - to understand that it's a safe/enjoyable/clean place in this city. Certain media members/outlets have, whether it be a joke or not, driven home the stereotype that the area isn't safe for a long time now. The White Sox have never done anything about it. They've chosen not to get out in front of it. They've stood back and watched an area be tarnished by media members/outlets (and fans of the other team) with an agenda in mind.

The area will never be Wrigleyville and I understand that. I don't want it to be Wrigleyville. It's fine the way it is and the White Sox should really help market it so people know it's a completely reasonable place to go and bring your family to enjoy a night out.

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