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Originally Posted by CWS44 View Post
My seats are in Premium Club. They are not corporate owned and I am by no means wealthy. A price increase would be a problem for me and it is disappointing that long-time season ticket holders would be rewarded with a price increase while lowering prices in most other areas. I think it is great that the Sox are lowering prices overall, but I disagree with the increase in premium areas.

Has anyone been contacted or seen detail about price increases?
I feel the same way and have not been contacted by the Sox / my ticket rep. We have 4 premiun seats split over 6 Sox fans; I think there are a fair number of groups that are not corporate or wealthy but rabid fans who pool together to get the best possible sets. My problem has always been the terrible seat relocation / improvement process, the Sox never seem to address that. The Bears appear to have a very orderly system that maybe the Sox can learn from.
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