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Originally Posted by Dan H View Post
You are right; we will never know. I don't buy the logic the Sox would've gone deep into the playoffs if they got there. First, Chris Sale is a great talent but he is no Verlander. Besides, 95% of the time, 85 wins doesn't get a team into the playoffs. The Sox just weren't good enough.
Logic doesn't count for anything in the postseason. Was Sale gassed? Was Quintana gassed? Was the offense gassed? Or were they feeling the effects of the pressure? No one can really say so except the guys in the clubhouse.

The Cardinals improbable 9th inning rally against the best team in the National League in the LDS was sparked by a guy who hit .227 (Descalso) and a guy who played in 26 games and hit .232 in AAA this season (Kozma).

You. Just. Have. To. Get. There. Everything else is out the window.