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Originally Posted by LoveYourSuit View Post
Seats at most of these locations are business owned, investors (brokers), and wealthy people.

Those folks have no problem affording those prices for a premier location.

1) I bet 90% would hate to give up their premier locations. 2) There are plenty other people (same financial bracket) out there that would jump at the opportunity to take those seats.

I think the Sox do very well in selling 85-90% of their premier locations.

I would like to see the true number on that.

It's everywhere else in the park where they struggle to sell. This is a real good move to lower prices as they are.
My seats are in Premium Club. They are not corporate owned and I am by no means wealthy. A price increase would be a problem for me and it is disappointing that long-time season ticket holders would be rewarded with a price increase while lowering prices in most other areas. I think it is great that the Sox are lowering prices overall, but I disagree with the increase in premium areas.

Has anyone been contacted or seen detail about price increases?
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